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The Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall The Old Town Hall

The old Loughor Town Hall is situated at 70 Castle Street, Loughor, which is opposite the entrance to Parc Williams. It was originally built in the 1860’s for the then Town Council and consisted of a meeting room on the first floor with a Police cell on the ground floor.

The Loughor Town Council was dissolved in 1890 by Act of Parliament as a “Rotten Borough” which meant that it had too few electors to justify its existence. Subsequently the Loughor Town Trust was formed to take on responsibility for the assets of the former borough.

The old town hall was used for residential accommodation (on the ground floor) for the last 57 years up until July 2010 when the last resident passed away.

Since then the building has been cleared and the Town Trust is considering the future use of the building. There have been a number of suggestions such as a local museum though funding would be needed for this and also there would be revenue implications. Consideration has been given to including a cafe linked to the park.

Before taking any final decision regarding the future use the Loughor Town Trust would welcome any suggestions from the community for its future use.

Anyone wishing to comment on the future of the old town hall and possible uses should contact Mrs Ireen James, Clerk to the Loughor Town Trust, by telephone on 01792 523893.

The Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall The Old Town Hall

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