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Loughor (Welsh: Casllwchwr) is a town in the City and County of Swansea, Wales and has a population of 5000. In 2014 it was rated one of the most attractive postcode areas to live in Wales.

The town was home to the Roman fort of Leucarum, over which the Norman Loughor Castle was built in 1106. Loughor developed around the castle.

Loughor grew as a port, while in the early twentieth century large tin and steel works were the main industries. A local family eventually ran large copper mining, copper smelting and trading businesses in and around Swansea (Vivian & Sons) and, throughout the 19th century, did much to develop Swansea into a city.

Loughor town can be divided into two areas defined by the present day electoral wards Lower Loughor and Upper Loughor, which have separate histories. Lower Loughor lies nearer the sea and is set on low ground whilst Upper Loughor lies on higher ground. Loughor initially developed around the Norman castle in what is now the Lower Loughor ward. Upper Loughor began as a distinct settlement, initially around what is now the Glebe Road area. Upper Loughor Town was well established as a separate town by the mid 19th Century.

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